What is pulpwood?

Pulpwood is defined as wood cut primarily to be a source of wood fiber for producing paper, fiberboard, or other fiber products.

Also known as chip wood or paper wood, Pulpwood accounts for roughly one-quarter of the annual harvest value of Mississippi’s forest products.

Trees of any size can be used for pulpwood, but trees in the range of 5 to 9 inches D.B.H. (diameter at breast height) are normally used. Areas of low-quality forest or trees with diseases and defects can be harvested for pulpwood to allow healthier growth to take place.

currently, pulpwood is measured in tons.

Pulpwood sold in Mississippi must be sold either by volume in cords, or by weight using the following standard weights. Note that damaged pulpwood does not follow these standards.

  • Pine, 5,200lbs or 2.6 tons.
  • Soft Hardwood, 5,400 pounds or 2.7 tons.
  • Mixed Hardwood, 5,600 pounds or 2.8 tons.
  • Hard Hardwood 5,800 pounds or 2.9 tons.

Today, markets for both pine and hardwood pulpwood are active in most areas of Mississippi. To sell your timber as pulpwood, contact a buyer at Magnolia today!