Selling your timber

At Magnolia, our top priority is getting our customers selling their timber the best value, and finding the best fit for every seller. Please note that we only clear or buy areas with 15 acres of timber or more.

Pay as Cut

When you sell your timber Pay as Cut, your timber is given a price per ton, cord, or scale.

A price is given to the amount of each type of timber you have. For example, a different appraisal price will be given for each if you have both Pine pulp and Pine logs to sell.

When each load of lumber arrives at the mill, we are given a ticket noting the weight and type of the wood. If requested, we provide copies of these tickets to you when we send payment.

Advanges to selling your timber Pay as Cut

  • Ensures you get paid for all timber hauled to the mills, usually increasing profits.
  • Thinning jobs paired with Pay as Cut allows for a more thorough job to be done.


  • Payment takes longer as timber must be processed at the mills before being paid out.
  • Difficult to reach timber may be excluded from the timber that is cut and hauled.

In the Bulk

Timber sold In the Bulk is given an estimate by our buyers before being cut and loaded up.

In the Bulk is our fastest and most convenient option for selling your timber, and payment is given up front.

Advanges to selling your timber In the Bulk

  • Payment comes faster as a lump sum before work begins.
  • Less hassle as payment is determined by an estimate from our timber buyers.
  • Up front and transparent way of selling your timber.


  • You may miss out on profits when compared to Pay as Cut.

See an option that is right for you? Contact us to speak to a buyer and sell your timber now.